BC and Portland to Go for the Gold at Vancouver Invitational Wheelchair Rugby Tournament

The stage is set for a gold medal showdown between the Portland Pounders and the BC A team. The Portland Pounders are undefeated heading into the final, having bested BC by a significant margin on Saturday night. BC A went 3-1. The Ontario Thunder and the Ontario Lightning will face off for the bronze medal, having finished in third and fourth place in Division 1.

Sunday’s schedule will be:

9:30 am: Seattle vs. Sask | Portland B vs BC B
11:15 am: Quebec vs. Alberta | Ontario Thunder vs. Ontario Lightning
1 pm: Portland vs BC A

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, the beer garden will be open at noon and will be serving Granville Island beer for $5.

Win A Nando’s Prize Package!

How do you make a sport like wheelchair rugby even hotter? Add Nando’s peri-peri flame-grilled chicken! Our great sponsor Nando’s at 8231 Ackroyd in Richmond, has generously donated their delicious chicken to warm up our athletes, staff and volunteers at the 14th Annual Vancouver Invitational Wheelchair Rugby Tournament. Now, they’ve offered two awesome prize packages of Nando’s chicken goodness for two lucky fans.

Two lucky winners will receive:

  • One Nando’s Chicken Prize Package (3 Nando’s sauces and a variety pack with a voucher. Prize pack worth $47.00)
  • Two tickets for the Vancouver Invitational Wheelchair Rugby Tournament, which will be held at the Richmond Olympic Oval from March 15-17.

To be entered into a draw to win, answer the skill-testing question below in a comment. For an additional entry, retweet the phrase “I just entered to win @nandosperiperi prize pack via @BCWSA details here: http://ow.ly/j04CH”

Skill-testing question: Which Nando’s location is closest to the Richmond Olympic Oval? Get a hint here.

Good luck!

What has 48 wheels and crashes up to 32 times an hour?

If you live in Richmond, you may have seen some of our posters. You may also have seen our web posters on Facebook. Want to know if you guessed right? The answers are below.

Q: What has 48 wheels and crashes up to 32 times an hour?

A: A wheelchair rugby game! Wheelchair rugby is a fast-paced, full-contact sport for people with disabilities. Each wheelchair has 6 wheels (2 big wheels, 2 front wheels and 2 anti-tip wheels). There are four athletes per team, which makes 8 athletes on the floor of a wheelchair rugby game at any one time. Since wheelchair rugby allows chair contact, it’s not uncommon to see athletes crashing into one another dozens of times per game. Sometimes wheelchairs are even knocked over. To see some of the heavy hits from last year’s Vancouver Invitational, click here. Better yet, come out in person to witness all the action for yourself at the Richmond Olympic Oval from March 15-17 by checking out our schedule!

Q: From March 15-17, what Richmond Intersection will have the most crashes?

A: River Road and Hollybridge Way! That’s the address of the Richmond Olympic Oval, which will play host to the Vancouver Invitational Wheelchair Rugby Tournament. Because wheelchair rugby is a contact sport, there are bound to be plenty of crashes!

Q: What sport is played in a gym, but the athletes’ feet never touch the ground?

Wheelchair rugby! Athletes are strapped into specially designed wheelchair rugby chairs and so their feet never touch the ground.

Volunteer for the Vancouver Invitational

Volunteers are still needed for the Vancouver Invitational Wheelchair Rugby Tournament. If you want a front-row seat for the hottest wheelchair sport ticket in town (with the bonus of giving back to the community!), then sign up to be a volunteer. For your trouble, we’ll give you meals during your shift and a great T-shirt.

No experience is necessary and we can use people with a wide variety of skills. Here are the areas we’re currently recruiting for:

Food Services
Table Officials
Information Table
Sound like fun? Sign up by filling of our registration form here.